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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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There is a Song in Every Barren Womb April 23, 2006 '“ God will cause the deepest desires of our to go unmet to create a longing in our heart. He wil keep us from the things we ve asked for until there is a cry from the depths of our spirit that will bring back to God the very thing we are a Judgment Of God Character Of God Download
When Defeat Becomes Doctrine Great message! If there were really revival in America, people would be walking in Victory over sin. "Defeat"has become doctrine in far too many churches. This is another powerful rebuke toward "false"Christianity. A "must hear"for any Christian. Voice Of God Character Of God Download
When Obedience Makes You Dance May 16, 2010 - "Obey God,"the words of Evan Roberts that started the Welsh Revival. What would be the outcome if we would simply choose to obey God? At some point we have to realize that the same God who created the universe lives inside of us and will en Presence of God Character Of God Download
2005 Missions Conference - Session 1 Missions Conference Mission Work Download
2012 A Year To Consider Jesus As you begin the new year, will you stop and consider how deep and how far you are willing to go with Jesus? Consider Jesus and go outside the boundaries of a scornful world, lay aside every weight and dont allow your struggles to dominate your focus. We Forsaking All Consecration Download
A Bride Worthy of Christ's Attention Can you say that your life, devotion to God, love for His word and your kindness to other people has caught the eye of Jesus? Can you say you've been honest with God and you are dedicated to His purposes? In this last hour of time, let the Church of Jesus Bride Of Christ The Church Download
A Call to Those Who Care About the Honor of God October 4, 2009 - There is a spiritual wall that separates those who are truly serving God and those who are bringing carnality into His church. If God is going to be honored in this generation we must begin to rebuild the testimony of Christ in our lives Honor Of God God Download
A Day And A Night In The Deep Struggles Counseling Download
A Day's Journey Into the Wilderness Ever suffer from spiritual despression -- even at times when, no matter how great you feel the power of God working in your life, you still feel as if you could rise from your bed only to eat, then lie back down again? In I Kings 19, Elijah felt that way, Wilderness Suffering Download
A Final Warning to the Indulgent Church January 17, 2010 - That which satisfies the deepest longings of our heart is the living waters of Christ. Each of us is invited to drink and pass this cup of salvation. The question is, 'œWhat do we do with this cup of salvation'? This message points to Prophetic Word Prophecy Download
A Frail But Honest Testimony Testimony Personal Testimony Download
A Full Napkin and An Empty Basket November 20, 2011 - God placed within you a deposit of His life so you can bear fruit right where you are. Our lives should lead people into the love of the Father, the forgiveness of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. God will never ask you to give Christian Life Christian Life Download
A Gospel of Slaughter This message powerfully rebukes the "laughing revival"as well as the other movements. Based on the story of Jehoshaphat and Ahab in 1 Kings chapter 22, where the many prophets were prophesying "go up and prosper"while one, a true prophet of the Lord proph Laughing Revival Exposing False Doctrines Download
A Great Company of Witnesses Surrounds Us Cloud of Witnesses The Church Download
A Last Day Return to the Power of Unity December 6, 2009 - God has a desire to walk among His people and display His power. The power of life, virtue and the anointing of the almighty God is released through a people who choose to walk in unity. There is a unity that is found in the body of Chr Unity Unity Download
A Message for America and Its Cultural Religion September 6, 2009 - America has made a tragic mistake by allowing the worship of Baalism into the House of The Lord. The god of prosperity has become the god of this age. How this must break the heart of God! The Lord doesnt judge with any delight in His Prophetic Word Prophecy Download
A Perfect Heart And A Willing Mind Willingness Christian Character Download
A Plea For Moral Purity Carter Carter gives a solemn but very practical and heart-felt message on this needful subject. A pleasure measure society needs a pure church to give them a message of hope. We cannot have impurity and not suffer consequences and a lack of fruitfulness i Purity Christian Character Download
A Private Moment for Times Square Church It is with the deepest of sadness that we have to inform you of the sudden passing of Reverend David Wilkerson, our founding pastor. There will be a memorial service at Times Square Church at a date yet to be determined. It will be streamed live to give a Funeral Message Practical Christian Living Download
A River That Cannot Be Passed Overcoming Christian Life Download