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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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The Unpredictable Pathway of the Spirit November 22, 2009 - There is a cry in this message that says, 'œDont be willing to live in mediocrity when the power of Heaven is at your disposal'. The Spirit of God will overshadow all our weaknesses when we choose to let God be God in us. The natural Overcoming Christian Life Download
The Unrelenting Humility of God This message begins Scriptures on the holiness, power and might of God, and His requirement of worship of which He is worthy. From there, Pastor Conlon takes us on an incredible journey through the Old Testament and back to the New, illustrating through t Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Download
The Value of a Righteous Man June 18, 2006 '“ The restraing of evil is found in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are the temple of thre Holy Spirit and God's presence in our life is a restrainer of evil. When we choose to walk in right relation with God distresses and judgments ca Humility Christian Character Download
The Violent Overthrow of God's House You have never heard the tabernacle of the Lord explained as you will here. From Matthew 21 where Jesus overthrew the tables and ran the moneychangers out of the temple, to 2nd Chronicles 6 and 7 when Solomon built the temple and dedicated it, the purpose Righteous Christian Character Download
The Vow of the Nicolaitan Bride This is part 6 of 7 in the Series of the Seven Churches of Revelation. The Lord has a bride, that he is wooing and dealing with. Part of his bride is wayward, and does not spend time with him, and only seems to love him when it is convenient or doesn't co Selling The Gospel Exposing False Doctrines Download
The Watchtower in the Wilderness The account of Jehosophat in 2 Chronicles 20 is skillfully used to encourage the listener who is in a battle with the enemy and in fear. A hopeful message on the power of God to remove those doubts and fears and to see a defeated enemy. Churches of Revelation Warnings Download
The Way to True Spiritual Awakening February 20, 2007 - Only the Word of God has the power to create and recreate. Spiritual awakenening is when God speaks and He has free course in our hearts and there is no resistance to His voice. When God finds a heart that does not resist His spoken Wo Wilderness Suffering Download
The Wayward Church will Soon be Ashamed Carter Conlon shares a prophetic message to the Wayward Church of North America. This is a powerful indictment and call of mercy from the heart of God towards all believers. May we be found in repentance and humility before God in these terrible last days Spiritual Awakening Revival Download
The Willingness that Precedes the Glory February 13, 2005 - We must come to an understanding that God is faithful. We dont give to God for what we can get from Him, nor do we give when it is burdensome. We are to offer ourselves willingly as God gives us the release to do so. We must have a bal Prophetic Message Prophecy Download
The Willingness to Love December 14, 2008 - It's not easy to love people. How can we love people the way Christ loves us? Loving others is hopeless unless we abide in Christ and allow Him to do through us what we cannot do for ourselves. It has to be Christ in us - the newness o Willing Christian Life Download
The Wise Man's Eyes February 1, 2009 - The fool says in his heart there is not an absolute sovereign God, and God does not have the right to govern our lives. The fool cannot see the work of God or the value of a soul. We can have all wisdom and knowledge and still reject th Love Love Download
The Witness of Truth Its one thing to tell people about God its another thing to be a living witness of His truth. Truth is an effective witness when our speech and actions are one. Truth has a confidence in God that believes He is in control and He works all circumstances fo Foolish Man Sin Download
The Written Judgment Of God This message is especially for people who are tormented by past experiences and failures. Carter uses Mark 5, where the word speaks of the man who cuts himself, in a word picture that describes someone whose thinking cant get free from the past. Carter al Truth The Gospel Download
There Is A Way To A Rejoicing Heart Psalms 74:10Luke 10:25 Barren Warnings Download
Thy Kingdom Come The kingdom of God is not an exterior kingdom, it is interior. The Kingdom of God is within us. Jesus said the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with outward show. It is a work that God is doing in us. It is Christ Himself coming into our heart to sit down Rejoicing Practical Christian Living Download
Tis Not The Season To Be Discouraged December 16, 2007 - The Christmas season for many is a time of loneliness and discouragement. There is a moment in everyone's life when God will come and whisper His truth in our hearts, that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE when Christ is at the center of our liv Kingdom Of God Mission Work Download
Touching the Tears of Failure November 9, 2008 - The plan of God is not hindered in our life because of our failures and frailties. We will be brought into an incredible battle through the events of our life. Questions will bombard our mind such as, "Have I grieved you? Did I miss God Discouragement Exhortation Download
Trust In Christ Is Everything A message of separation focusing on our trust in God and in laying down that which is dearest to our heart, our sense of purpose and value is not here in this world, it's in Christ alone. This is a great exhortation on the overcoming power of our in-dwell Failure Temptation Download
Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 1): What is Aaron That You Murmur Against Him? October 23, 2005 - Aaron was grafted into the body to supply a lack. The failure to acknowledge Aaron was a failure to bend the knee and acknowledge God. The inability to acknowledge ministry leaders in the place where God has placed them in the body is r Trusting God Christian Life Download
Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 2): The Purpose and the Limits of Authority November 2, 2005 - This is a teaching about righteous and unrighteous authority and the principals of action we must follow to deal with the situation. Humility and a non argumentative attitude is much needed in these particular situations. Spiritual Authority Word Of God Download