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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 3): The Greatest Faith in Israel November 6, 2005 - The spoken word of the scriptures has the same force of authority of the God who said 'œlet there be light'. When we place ourselves under the authority of Gods word our eyes are open to see and know the power of the spoken word of God Spiritual Authority Word Of God Download
Understanding The Sorrow Of Christ Spiritual Authority Word Of God Download
Unholy Boldness September 25, 2005 - Those who defy the authority of God in the unveiling of Christ '“ their judgment is a sudden opening of that which comes from the mouth of the earth into their heart. In defying the appearing of Christ their hearts are now opened to t Sorrow Persecution Download
Voices In The Coming Storm Carter starts this message out at Isaiah 24:10 where the word speaks of a hard time that is to come. He uses this verse then different verses\ with the disciples in boats during storms to show the need of having to learn a lesson of faith. In this message Boldness Christian Character Download
Walking Through the Valley of Weeping Be ready to write down the many other scriptures Pastor Conlon goes through in this message about what it really means to be part of the Body of Christ, and follow the example of Christ, denying ourselves and taking up our cross. The heart of Christ is to Storms Persecution Download
We Can't Escape The Hard Truths Weeping Christian Character Download
Weeping Over The Provision Of God Truth The Gospel Download
What Does It Take to See God Provision Mission Work Download
What Will it Take for God to Use My Life Again? Seeing God God's Work Download
What Will We Do When Jesus Knocks? December 12, 2010 - If we are truly Christians we are called to be given to the poor and afflicted. When the Son of God knocks on the door of your heart to put what you know about Him into practice, how will you respond? We are called to take everything G Renewal Revival Download
When an Angel Leads the Church (Preached: May 18, 2003) From Ex. 14 through Ex. 35 Pastor Conlon goes through several chapters and verses to illustrate how the devil always tries to box God's people in to stop the work of God in their life and prevent them from going forward deeper int Being Ready Exhortation Download
When Carnal Men Claim the Throne May 4, 2008 - The voice of the Lord is coming to all the Jehoshaphats of this generation asking, "What are you doing helping those who exploit the poor, the widows and the fatherless?"God is beseeching them to ask Him for an eye salve anointing that they Deliverance Occult Download
When Compassion Offends God September 14, 2008 - Success in ministry is a dangerous thing if you have an unsurrendered heart. When our sin nature is mixed with the revelation of Jesus Christ we will become "as God"to ourselves and others. When our will and affections are set upon ou Carnality Sin Download
When Corruption Turns to Revelation October 9, 2005 - Why must we as believers be aware of our own corruption? It is simply because the believer an exchanged life, His life for ours. If we do not see within ourselves that which falls short of the glory of God we would be content with our li Offending God Sin Download
When Darkness Fails to Comprehend the Light June 04, 2006 '“ When we choose to follow Jesus there has to be a complete upheaval of a former inner value system. So many today are following the wrong Jesus. Many dont want to follow a Christ that uses His resources and power to help others. Many want Revelation Teaching Download
When Death Hears the Voice of God A terrific message using the resurrection of Lazarus to illustrate the purpose of the gospelThis is about those who are in the grave of sin being lifted from spiritual and physical death to life, by moving to the sound of His voice now. Following Jesus Discipleship Download
When Deliverance Looks Like Old Rotten Rags August 24, 2008 - Have you ever been in a situation that was so perplexing where you knew that God was able to deliver you but nothing happened? When we lose sight of the promises of God we can't see our way out of spiritual depression. There is a deep co Defeat Temptation Download
When Even Prayer Seems Impossible Have you ever been in a place where you feel something you have to do is impossible? where you try to accomplish what you think is the will of God only to find that your religious zeal is going against the very revealed word of almighty God. This is where Deliverance Occult Download
When God Is Exalted In Judgment May 25, 2008 - God says if you dont exalt me I will exalt myself. If we judge ourselves by measuring ourselves by the standard of Christ and aligning our heart with the Word of God we will not be judged. God in His mercy will take us by the hand and lead Impossibilities Exhortation Download
When God Rests Under the Tree April 10,2005 - The man who is getting close to God becomes increasingly aware of the depth of his failings. God looks to the man who has a broken spirit and a contrite heart, the man who knows he has no resources apart from God. The man who comes to God Judgment Law & Grace Download